Anne – Stardust by Neil Gaiman

img00177-20101219-1339-1This is my mother, Anne, pictured after she built a very stylish Harry Potter snowman.

Sadly Anne had a catastrophic health episode on 14 October this year from which she never recovered. She died on the 24th.

Between the 14th and the 24th, she lay in a hospital bed, largely in tranquillity and peace, while her family and friends came to say their last goodbyes.

My brother John sat with her the most. He read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust to her. He missed out the naughty bit with the fairy, still couldn’t bring himself to swear in front of his mum, and whether she could hear anything is debatable. But I’ll never forget the endeavour, and I like to think she enjoyed this being her last book.