Ray – Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese

When I first heard about this project I pondered how I’d choose ‘the’ book to share my experience of. Since then I’ve read a few books including an introspective text called Happy (Derren Brown), a factual text called How Long is Now? (New Scientist) and a science fiction text called The End of the World Running Club (Adrian Walker). I guess it wasn’t a surprise then when a friend of my wife gave me a loan of my chosen book, Elephants on Acid.

For those wondering ‘What if…?’, there’s probably a scientist that’s done so already. I read about Frankenstein and reanimating corpses, the Pepsi Challenge and fooling the senses, the invincibility of cockroaches in a post-apocalyptic world and of course how animals respond to psycho active drugs.

Ultimately, I chose this book because I loved the idea that someone that doesn’t really know me still knows me well enough to recommend a book that I’d probably be interested in reading. In a world of next-day delivery of online purchases, I believe a counter-revolution is in order where we remind ourselves of the joy of reading something that was loved by someone before you did.


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