Peter – Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein

peter_ranscombe_job_2School libraries are magical places and the shelves at Nairn Academy were no exception. Browsing the rows one lunchtime, I came across a thick paperback with a dark blue cover that caught my eye.

Job: A Comedy of Justice by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein opened my mind to the possibilities of speculative fiction. Suddenly the boundaries became blurred; science fiction didn’t have to have space ships and moon bases and aliens in it, just like mainstream fiction didn’t have to be set in the present day.

It was a journey that led me through Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Chips Are Down and Robert Harris’ Fatherland and eventually onto my debut novel, an historical thriller called Hare.

In Job, just like the book’s Biblical namesake, the main character is put to the test. At its heart, it’s a very whacky love story, told only as Heinlein could.


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