ABS – Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain by Roger Deakin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey you, yeah you, maybe you’d like to try some wild swimming? In Tasmania we just call it swimming. But maybe the wild will tickle your fancy. Whatever it takes/whatever you call it, give it a try. Maybe you’ve not swum outdoors for a while. Maybe never. I’m not inspiring you?

Maybe you should try reading Waterlog, a beautiful paean to aquatic places, people and pursuits in the British Isles and nature in general. If you do and feel inspired and want some suggestions for spots near you try further research at sites like http://www.wildswimming.co.uk/hidden-beaches/ where you will find directions to places such as Seacliff where I’m pictured reading. It has Britain’s smallest harbour. Sombre sea monuments. Bass Rock filling your vista. Ruined castles. Birds roosting and swooping. Swathes of sand, sea and rocks to explore. Why not dip your toe in the Waterlog?


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