Isaac/Iain – Maps by Aleksandra Mizielińska & Daniel Mizieliński

NIK_0750Blythe requested some gratuitous cuteness to feature in this project, so here it is. Also pictured is my 2-year-old son, Isaac 😉

On his behalf I’ve chosen the beautiful Maps by Aleksandra Mizielińska & Daniel Mizieliński which I spotted as a sentimental new dad seeking a symbolic present for Isaac’s first Christmas (then 5 months old).

I wrote inside: “To Isaac, on your first Christmas. This is the kind of book I enjoyed when I was a little boy. Although you’re too small for it just now, I hope it brings you lots of pleasure in the years to come.”

As you can guess, this is also a selfish present to myself. I loved learning about countries, people, geography, flora and fauna from well-thumbed illustrated books. And, like childhood notions, there’s comfort in the fixity of things represented. An abundance of fish and whales in the oceans; ice in the Arctic; the USSR, East and West Germany…these things can’t change, can they?!


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