Milo – The Compleet Molesworth by Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle

received_10208227328813492I have very happy childhood memories of reading this compendium of illustrated books. As any fule kno, it’s very funny and sums up the absurdity of school life perfectly, as well as every subject studied there. As Molesworth himself says – “History started badly and hav been geting steadily worse.”

Nigel Molesworth is the cheerfully naïve yet surprisingly insightful protagonist, who provides a guide to every aspect of life at St. Custards, an old fashioned boy’s boarding school. It is told through his own unique spelling, grammar and pictures (which are brilliantly drawn by Searle). A personal highlight is the section devoted to one of Molesworth’s nightmares – telling the story of ‘the revolt of the prunes’. To summarise Molesworth’s wisdom in his own words: “You could becom topp if you want to, but most pupils do not”.


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