Gillian – An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler

FullSizeRenderMy constant companion and reference in recent difficult months both in and out of the kitchen has been the little known ’An Everlasting Meal, cooking with economy and grace’ by Tamar Adler.

In this heartwarming ‘meditation on cooking and eating’ the reader is gently coaxed through a carefully considered journey to becoming both a better cook and feeling confident and content in leading a simpler, more fulfilled life.

With chapters on topics such as ‘How to Paint a Room’ and ‘How to teach an egg to fly’ along with a forward by the legendary Alice Waters, it is unsurprising to find this book reignited my passion for pursuing dreams in and around the kitchen. I’ve since bought two further second hand copies for friends and family as I simply can’t be without my own!

I am most grateful to Jossie Ellis for recommending this book to me and encourage all in need of some renewed enthusiasm for reconnecting with the real pleasures of eating to go get themselves a copy – second hand preferably!


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