Michael – weetom and the bankrobbers by Michael Kerins

michael kerinsI have been a storyteller all my life. My father told stories to my elder siblings and I grew up surrounded by them.

What I like most about this weetom and the bankrobbers is that I have seen the books being used in schools all over Scotland, and beyond. It is amazing to see the new works that these children have created as they write adventures for weetom to have. Teachers tell me that their traditionally “non-reading” boys are hungry for these stories.

I also like the story of making weetom and the bankrobbers into a book. Two years ago my son Dominic, also a storyteller, convinced me to write and publish the adventures of weetom as picture books. The oral stories have translated very well into written and published format. Dominic’s choice of Elaine Davis as illustrator has worked very well and our three-person partnership has blossomed. It is exciting to see these books in children’s hands. Several more weetom stories are out of my head and in different stages of production. I want everyone to feel that they too can make stories and books.


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